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Adopt a Park this Spring!

Tinley Park, Illinois: Tinley Park, Illinois: Tinley Park-Park District has designed a new Adopt-A-Park program to enhance the parks through community involvement and citizen partnerships. Participating organizations, civic and church groups, scout troops, businesses, schools, families and individuals can play an active role in beautifying, maintaining and improving any of the 26 parks in the program. 

Each group attends to park needs such as watering, weeding, mulching, and litter removal. Groups can work with the Park District to develop other projects such as park clean-up days, invasive species removal or habitat restoration that complement their abilities and interests. The Adopt-A-Park program is a vital addition to regular maintenance done by Park District staff.

Signs placed at the adopted park give recognition of the Adopter’s contributions. In addition, the adopting groups also receive credit in the Fall Activity Guide, on social media outlets and in press releases.

The Adopt-A-Park program aims to increase awareness and pride in all of the parks within the community. Adopters encourage in others the enthusiasm and passion they have for the parks they treasure. District Superintendent of Recreation Meghan Fenlon stated, “The new Adopt-APark program is a great opportunity for local groups, families and businesses to be active in community enhancement and engagement. This program will build community pride and offers a way to give back in a meaningful way.” Visit tinleyparkdistrict.org to learn more about the Adopt-A-Park program requirements and benefits.

The Tinley Park-Park District is committed to creative recreational and athletic opportunities, outstanding customer service and providing and maintaining quality recreational facilities and parks to enhance the quality of life in Tinley Park. More information on all Park District programs is available at tinleyparkdistrict.org.


Our Commitment

The Tinley Park-Park District is committed to creative recreational programming, quality recreational facilities and parks, and outstanding customer service to enhance the quality of life in Tinley Park. Learn more about the Park District’s programs and amenities at www.tinleyparkdistrict.org.