Short-Term & Long-Term Goals

The Tinley Park-Park District makes its short- and long-term goals available to the public, as they are available from the long-range plan of the District.


Capital Improvment


Mission statement

The Tinley Park-Park District is committed to creative recreational programming opportunities and outstanding customer service while providing and maintaining quality recreational facilities and parks to enhance the quality of life in Tinley Park.

goals (Approved january 9, 2019)

  1. The Tinley Park-Park District will maintain and develop facilities and parks to meet the current and future needs of our residents. (Parks and Facilities)
  2. Provide quality recreation programs/services and customer support that will enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the Tinley Park-Park District. (Customer Service/Experience)
  3. Provide staff with a working environment that fosters personal and professional growth. (Staff Environment)
  4. Effectively administer the revenues and expenditures of the Tinley Park-Park District to maximize programs, facilities and parks. (Fiscal Responsibility)
  5. Effectively administer environmental polices/programs to expand open space and conserve natural resources for present and future populations of the Tinley Park-Park District. (Environmental Impact)