Tinley Park Mental Health Property

We did it! After years of inaction, the Park District took ownership of the former mental health center property for only $1. We’re working diligently to clean up all 280 acres of the vacant site using $15 million in state funding. We’re proud that through this plan, we’re saving Tinley Park taxpayers over $4.5 million to purchase the site, which the Village had previously offered for the land, and saving taxpayers to clean up this eyesore in our community finally!

We’re very grateful to the leadership of our Park Board of Commissioners, including Board President Marie Ryan and Commissioners Bernie O’Boyle, Donald Cuba, Lisa O’Donovan, and Ashley Rubino, for their work in getting this done.

Cleaning Up the Property

Cleaning up this eyesore is our #1 priority! Before officially owning the site, we began environmental clean-up work. In the fall, the environmental firm Tetra Tech conducted an updated environmental study to determine the extent of remediation work needed. Find their report below.

Homer Landscaping dramatically cut back vegetation and overgrowth on the property to provide access to roads and buildings on the site and help pave the way for the rest of the clean-up process. Crews have also removed three underground storage tanks that remain on the property.

Clean-up work will now focus on removing asbestos and other hazardous materials from inside the property’s buildings and demolishing all buildings on the site. 

Once the bid is awarded and in place, we will providing more updates to residents on all aspects of these next phases of cleanup and the timing for the work to begin. We anticipate the work will begin sometime this summer. Importantly, this cleanup work will include many precautions to ensure the safety of the surrounding community during these efforts, including third-party air monitoring and safety protections for workers at the site.

Find the link to the bid for this work, a guide to frequently asked questions and other helpful resources on the clean-up efforts below.



We look forward to engaging with the community for ideas to redevelop the land once we begin the redevelopment process. We have previously released our ideas for the first 90 acres of the property, which would include multipurpose athletic fields, a domed sports complex with a full-size soccer field, a stadium with a track, a playground and splash pad, concession stands, spectator stands, lighting, ample parking, as well as a pond, picnic areas and open green space.

Explore the Buildings

See the Progress

Remove the Eyesore


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