Weather Closing

RAINOUTLINE: 708-779-6010

Never miss a weather closure, cancelation or location change!

It is simple to find out about weather delays or facility closings before leaving home or on the go! Call 708-779-6010 and choose the appropriate extension. 

Download the RainoutLine app to receive program, event and athletic cancelations and facility closure information by text or email. Manage your text and/or email subscriptions by selecting the activity and facility categories, and establishing the length of time you want to receive notifications. Important: be sure to register for only the program or event notifications you are interested in!

Inclement Weather Notification Procedure

Athletic programs and leagues may be canceled or relocated to an indoor facility. Poor field conditions, rain, snow, excessive temperatures and other severe weather conditions may result in cancelations.  An athletic program may be moved indoors due to these conditions. Please refer to the organization running the activity for updates on field conditions and activity cancellations for a different organization that utilizes Tinley Park-Park District fields (e.g. Tinley Park Bulldogs).

The decision to cancel events or close District facilities is made by the Executive Director and is not taken lightly because of the many factors that influence that decision. The safety of our customers and staff is the most important element in the decision-making process.  

Ice Rinks

When the forecast calls for multiple weeks of below-freezing temperatures in the winter months, the Park District often freezes an area at Community Park and Lewis Park for ice skating. Since winter weather conditions in Chicagoland are unpredictable, ice rinks are not guaranteed each year.

Community Park: Closed

Lewis Park: Closed

Last Updated: February 15, 2022

The minimum criteria for the Park District to create ice rinks is: